Back in 2012 Gibram (Bass/Hamrmonica), Roach(Rhythm Guitar) and Alex (Percussion) met through their mutual appreciation of obscure Blues,RnB/Soul,Rock 'N' Roll, and past family history. 

 Soon after they played a battle of the bands event and won. Their sound came storming down like heavy rain to the listeners. It was on this day that THE HURRICANES were born! 

The word quickly spread of their wild performances and their loud stomping beats. This was something that was not being done in the city of Santa Ana, Ca. The Hurricanes energy was contagious. 

Shortly afterwards they were signed to LA label, Wild Records. Unfortunately this didn't work out due to some differences between the label and the band. 

The Hurricanes have not given up on making music for their fans and putting on some wild shows for them! They continue to move forward on their own to build and pursue their own growth. 

Hurricanes are still performing stronger than ever and are currently working on releasing new material. They are recording with Jazz Studios.